Saturday, November 1, 2008

Important Places in Nayagarh

: Situated at a distance of 40kms from Nayagarh, Daspalla is famous for
Mahabir Temple. The Lankapodi festival is observed here at Dussehra.

Sukarmal : It is situated at a distance of 75 kms from Bhubaneswar under Nayagarg district . It is one beautiful scenic place for the tourists.

Sarankul : Sarankul is situated at a distance of 20kms from Nayagarh, Which is famous for Lord Ladubaba Temple.

Odagaon : It is at a distance of 5kms from Sarankul. The temple of Lord Raghunath and an Pond is the main attraction of this place. The Ramlila festival is observed here on a grand scale.

Kantilo : It is situated at a distance of 25kms from Nayagarh on the bank of river Mahanadi. The temple of Lord Nilamadhab, Lord Narayani and the scenic beauty attracts the tourists. It is also famous for Brass and Bellmetal utensils.

Ranapur : Situated at a distance of 30 kms from Nayagarh, Ranapur is a picnic spot. The temple of Goddess Maninageswari on the picturesque Maninag hill top attracts the tourists.
Godipada:Mindblowing Place.
Important Food: Nayagarh is Famous for
chhenapoda in Worldwide:::
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Subhrakanta said...

Hi Laxmidhar, Really I am very proud of you as a Nayagarhian. So pls keep on dear :)

Gopal Ray said...

Hi Titu bhai,
Great job yaar, thanx a lot . There are some mistake @ odagaon is 5 kms from sarankul AND "Mahanadi" will "The Mahanadi"

Gopal Ray said...

and where is Khandapada and sunakhela, dear ?

humsachihai said...

it will be better to show the map of Nayagarh every body can get the location.